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On Friday, January 30, my brother Jimmy lost his battle to cancer.  
Well, it wasn't really a battle.  He did not choose to fight.  
He was like that.  The only fight he ever had in him was when he was a much younger spit-fire or when he served in the VietNam War as a Marine.    
He was a good guy and I will miss him dearly.  But this post is not about him.  That will be later.  
This post is about selflessness.  Doing something for someone else and not expecting anything in return.  Doing what your heart tells you to do...  Going out of your way for someone.  
I don't often talk about my husbands selflessness...  mainly because he rants and raves and complains a lot and that causes  me to not want to talk about all the good stuff.  *insert chuckle here*
I do want to take this time to thank you Gary for the past several months of love and compassion.  For being there for me when I needed you and being somewhere else when I needed to be alone.  For understanding.   For the…