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Sharon Came to Visit Me

I don't like horror movies.  The night before last, just as I was falling off to sleep there was a commercial on TV for a new horror movie that's coming out.  I told GP (my new name for hubby - gary phillip or great prince - either/or) "Turn it off!"  But it was too late, it was already in my head.  Early in the morning hours I was having a nightmare...  one of those ones where you're screaming in your sleep and someone shakes you and says, "Wake up!"  Yep.  I was living in a horror movie inside my dream.  I won't go into the details,  because It was scary.  I hate it when a perfectly good TV station will suddenly have a horror movie clip on.  Not cool.
Now last night, I had good dreams. I do love to dream and I seldom have bad dreams.  Last night I was dreaming that I lived in my home place where I grew up and I had a surprise visitor.  All the way from Tennessee??  (I think that's where you live, Sharon)  Yep.  Sharon came to visit me - and she…