Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Sharon Came to Visit Me

I don't like horror movies.  The night before last, just as I was falling off to sleep there was a commercial on TV for a new horror movie that's coming out.  I told GP (my new name for hubby - gary phillip or great prince - either/or) "Turn it off!"  But it was too late, it was already in my head.  Early in the morning hours I was having a nightmare...  one of those ones where you're screaming in your sleep and someone shakes you and says, "Wake up!"  Yep.  I was living in a horror movie inside my dream.  I won't go into the details,  because It was scary.  I hate it when a perfectly good TV station will suddenly have a horror movie clip on.  Not cool.

Now last night, I had good dreams. I do love to dream and I seldom have bad dreams.  Last night I was dreaming that I lived in my home place where I grew up and I had a surprise visitor.  All the way from Tennessee??  (I think that's where you live, Sharon)  Yep.  Sharon came to visit me - and she had DH with her and some other family members.  It was around Christmas time and I had just opened a card from her and was getting ready to display it when she showed up.  I was so surprised and happy.  She was talking about stopping somewhere on the way and getting a sponge mop to do her floors at home???  I know.  Who said dreams made any sense??  I think I had her floor on my mind. ha-ha.  It seemed so real.
  Crazy dream, huh?

After June 1 I'll have a lot to tell you about what's going on at this time in my life.  But, lips are sealed for now.

Dear Diary,

This is what I hear first thing in the morning.  "5:30 GRACIE?  5:30?  WHAT IS YOUR PROBLEM?"

Hey.  Who said I had a problem?  I just like to get up early.  After I go out to pee, mom puts cookies out for me.  I won't lie - I got hungry.  

Then I have to hear the old...  "Now, look at you going back to sleep?  You wake me up, then you go back to sleep!  Gracie, you're ridiculous!" 

Ask me if I care.  Gracie.


  1. Now Gracie, you should stay in bed long after the peeps get up, like I do lol. PS, I have a special little rug in the bathroom to piddle on, during the night if I have to! Who ever said Dogs Don't use a real bathroom!

  2. I love you Gracie!... xoxo Julie Marie

  3. I would so love to meet Sharon myself. Samson Says: Gracie, don't forget me for the month of April. Mommy has joined some challenge and she won't let me blog until May! That's a long time away and I hope you don't start thinking about that Max again. xoxo

  4. Don't worry, Gracie. Buddy doesn't like anyone to sleep past 5:30 in the mornings either.

  5. Seriously, we have to wait until after June 1 to hear what's going on with you?!?!?! No, really, it's ok. June will be here before we know it.

  6. June 1 is soooo long away, but I guess I will have to wait. Love Gracie's pictures. She is so cute.

  7. I don't think it is too late for the challenge. Click on Coming Down the Mountain from Reclusive Writer to Published Author in the blogs I follow listed in my sidebar and sign up there. She is one of the hosts. I'm not sure about the name, but you can't miss her.

    And then I left a reply for Gracie that went something like this: I think Samson may be too big for you. Then that sounded not quite right, so I had a good laugh at myself. Samson Says: We can be just best friends, OK. xoxo

  8. BOL Gracie! I don't see the problem with having a walk, a treat and then going back to sleep.

  9. You are too much, Gracie!!! I used to like horror movies when I was young, now I hate them. Life is scary enough as it is, right? We need to fill our head with beautiful thoughts, not put horrible trash in it. My guesses now are that you are moving, a new job, a part time job, and early retirement...I could go on and on with the guessing, but it will drive me crazy!!

  10. Lady, you has some kerazy dreams. All I dreams about is more treats and taking overs da world.

    Gracie, you would be right at home heres cuz mum gets up at around 4:00 am!!!!!! And hers don't even has a job.

    I CAN'T WAIT TIL JUNE!!!!!!!!!!!!


  11. I think cookies and treats make happy dreams.
    Who likes scary ones?

  12. Aaaahhhh! We have to wait til' June??? phooey.
    Seriously, I know without doubt that you have your reasons for keeping us in suspense, and that they are good ones!

    I am so sorry you had a bad dream... I just hate those things...

    And Gracie, You are such a little lambie... you make me smile when I see your pictures.

    Hugs, Jenni

  13. OK OK< I will wait to June if I have to.... Dang!!! Glad Ducky was found. Your Gracie and my Ragsy will never have to worry about duck tape, they are too loved....

  14. Okay you must be working too hard if you have a sponge mop in your dreams!

  15. The blue blanket is beautiful!

  16. Dreams can be so weird! I seem to have a lot about storms & tornadoes. We watch horror movies and they seem to give me insomnia more than bad dreams.

    Gracie, our kitties are the same way. They get me up way too early sometimes. I forgive them though! I am sure your Mom does too!


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