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I am mistreated, neglected, ignored and nagged at.  Are you? Do you have some probs with your peeps and you'd like to get some pointers on how to handle the situation>?  
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Together, we can make a difference and take back our role as leader of the pack!
Or something like that.  


Finally!   A Halloween where we got rid of the majority  of our treats!

Marissa and Summer were here early. Rissi wanted to hand out treats in the worse way!  So Gary blasted Halloween music via Pandora streaming it to our Bose speaker and we took our party and our big basket of treats outside.  We danced in the rain, sang Monster Mash, and lured trick or treaters in....

And Rissi was in seventh heaven, handing out treats to  all the kids.

A memorable Halloween!

On a sad note, my brother has been  diagnosed with lung cancer.

We are not sure how bad, (we just know there is a large mass on his lung)...  or what his options are at this time.  Waiting for him to have a pet scan.

His only concern:  Koda
Jimmy goes nowhere without Koda!  Koda is his best friend and buddy.  Koda would be lost without Jimmy.  

He loves his dog as much as he loves his own life.  Maybe more.  Please, if you pray, send one up for Jimmy and for Koda.  
And on another sad note:
Summer goes in for surgery on her e…