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And The Storm Rages On.....

Another round of entertainment tonight as the stage is set for one last debate between the two most unqualified presidential candidates in America's history before the big election early next month. 
For some reason, when the curtain goes up, I feel my blood pressure rise.  
It will be an hour and a half of lying, manipulating, defending ones self, screaming, whining, insulting, faking, throwing daggers, and lying some more.  

To come to a conclusion of who will the better choice to run our country would be impossible based on the reputation of the candidates.  And so, we need to look at what they stand for and who they will choose to surround themselves with once they are in office.
Based on issues alone,  I will be voting Trump.   
Meanwhile, the storm gains strength and the next three weeks prove to be entertaining at best.   It's sad, that electing president of our country has become a reality show.  But it has.  I blame the media.  The evil, manipulative, power hun…