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The Four Letter Word

Today I accomplished the 2 things I really hate doing.  I bathed the dog and colored my hair.  They are both messy and time consuming especially since Gracie's become more shaggy (and I've become more gray).  It takes me an hour to dry Gracie.  It went real well.  Gracie was a good sport and surrendered nicely when I scooped her up from her comfy spot on the chair and plopped her down in the tub of nice warm water. 

Dear Diary, Today was one of the worse days of my life.  I thought I was safe from abuse in my own home but obviously I was wrong.   Out of nowhere, the nag mom submerged me in cold soapy water and started scrubbing me hard and spraying water in my face.  She called me dirty, disgusting, and beyond hope...  then she doused me with more water.  

The soap tasted funny and I thought I was going to toss my morning cookie....

She took me into the back room then, where she tortured me for probably about 215.5 hours by holding this big noisy thing over me and hot air blew on…