Tuesday, May 28, 2013

She Says My Name

Summer has a favorite book...

And she'll sit down and read it for the longest time.
She especially likes looking at the pictures.

Recognize what book she's reading?  If you guessed
 Gracie's Diary you are right!  

Who would have thought!  

I think Summer looks like a Kewpie Doll.
What do you think?

Dear Diary,

Short stuff is talking a lot these days.  She says pillllllow, shoes, piggies, love ya, nigh-nigh, mommie, dada, baby, sissie, ga-ga, bop-bop, and.....

Drum roll please....

Woof-Woof!  I've grown to Love that kid!  Gracie.

Tuesday, May 21, 2013


Sick and tired of feeling sick and tired.

I did what I had to do....

Trying hard to make excuses, I asked the girl who owns the gym (and who also sat down with me and devised a 2 week startup plan), "Do old people join Life Fitness? 
 I am old you know? " 

When I told her I was 58, she was quick to tell me
 her age as well...  

The confirmation that I needed to ensure me that I had come to the right place.     

Honestly, her 58 looks more like a 45.  

I'm In.

Monday, May 20, 2013

Pondering God's Ways

Watching the coverage of the Oklahoma tornado devastation has brought back memories.

 June 2, 1998

An F-4 tornado swept through the sleepy town of Eckhart, Maryland just a mile from my home. 

My husband (at the time) and my three children and guinea pig were hunkered down in our cellar, praying.

 Sirens sounded. Lights went out.  Phone service stopped. 

 Darkness.  Loud freight train-like sound.


Then, relief.  

I will never forget my drive to work the next day.  Words do not come easy for the feeling that came over me as I swallowed hard trying to get rid of the lump 
 in my throat. 

 Trees were uprooted and houses pulled apart and strewn throughout the town.  There was an eerie presence.  One I've not felt again since that day.  

 The only word that would come close to describing what I felt that cool, quiet morning after - was Reverence.  

God had touched our land in an angry way.  

At that time in my life I was thinking 
(after almost 20 years of marriage) of divorce.    
I was being lured away from all that was right.  
And I wondered...  Was God speaking to me?  Were there others He was trying to reach as well?  
Is this how He gets our attention? 

Who can understand The One who created Heaven and Earth?  Who can know His plan?  His Will?  His displeasure with what we are doing with our lives?  


God's ways are not our ways...  so I will not even try to comprehend...  But one thing I do know... is that the innocent ones who lost their lives will be in Heaven.  

Life and death is unpredictable. 

Revelation 21:4  And God shall wipe away all tears from their eyes; and there shall be no more death, neither sorrow, nor crying, neither shall there be any more pain: for the former things are passed away.

Times like these cause me to pause...
And look to our Creator with Reverence.  

Praying for Oklahoma!!

Sunday, May 19, 2013

What Is A Record Player?

American Bandstand Jr.

Where the dancers get tired...

And pretend to be puppies....

And the puppies beg for cookies...

And pretend to be just one of the kids....

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

What's Happening

We were out of town again last weekend.  

We visited a place called Q-Mart where there was a little bit of this and a little bit of that.  The candy store (above) had the sweetest smell!  It took me back to my childhood days of filling up little paper sacks with 10 cents worth of penny candy.

We stayed in a suite at the Hampton Inn in Bethlehem, PA and it was very nice.  The only problem was, the bed was soft and I don't rest well unless I have a firm mattress.

We took Gary's Mom out for Mother's Day brunch on Sunday morning before we left to come home.

Waiting at home for me was all kinds of Mother's Day goodies.

And a dog who wanted to know:


*** don't feel too sorry for the dog.  Lindsey and Rissi take really good care of her while we are away and they visit often to let her out and fill her bowls to overflowing with food and water

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Blaise Delfino. Remember the name.

In March we attended the Mid Atlantic Hearing Expo in Harrisburg Pa.  

While there, we received 13 CEU's, enjoyed really good food, met some interesting people, and learned a lot.

In the interesting people category,  we met a mother, father and son from Bethlehem, Pa.  A handsome, well mannered family, whom we were drawn to...

The type of people you meet and feel like you have 
known all your life....  Gary gave them a copy of my book and they were so appreciative and thanked us over and over again. 

What intrigued me the most about this family was the son, who was exceptional in looks, manners, and respect.  It blessed my heart to see this young man following in his parents footsteps and becoming a successful business person. But what I did not know, until I returned home and Googled him, is that this young man is a musician as well.  

This guy is going to be famous someday!  He has everything it takes:  Talent, confidence, perseverance, good looks, dedication, drive, and a heart for God.  

One day I will say...  " you mean Blaise Delfino?  Oh, yes...  I know him!"  

Now, picture this:  Gary and I sitting on the dusty floor of a place called the Living Room in Stroudsburg, Pa. ...  waiting to see Blaise do his set, and making it through a set of Scream-o that just about killed my eardrum > Yikes! And enjoying some other young people with amazing talent as well. 

 Yes, I needed help getting up when it was all over.  LOL!

We are Blaise's Golden Groupies. 

Check out this talent:  (the second video is the one I took from the floor of the Living Room)

Remember the name.  Blaise Delfino.

Monday, May 6, 2013

Time In A Bottle

Time In A Bottle
Jim Croce

If I could put time in a bottle...

The first thing that I'd like to do

Is to save everyday till eternity passes away 

Just to spend them with you...

If I could make days last forever
If words could make wishes come true
I'd save every day like a treasure and then,
Again, I would spend them with you

But there never seems to be enough time
To do the things you want to do
Once you find them
I've looked around enough to know
That you're the one I want to go
Through time with

If I had a box just for wishes
And dreams that had never come true
The box would be empty
Except for the memory
Of how they were answered by you

But there never seems to be enough time
To do the things you want to do
Once you find them
I've looked around enough to know
That you're the one I want to go
Through time with....

"Glad I was included in this post... but it would have meant a lot more to me if I would have been invited to dinner with the rest.  Hmph!"

Saturday, May 4, 2013

Old Stuff

My favorite job Ever = Being a Mom.

That love for babies still exists in me...  

A few weeks back I enjoyed walking through a really cool antique market while we were visiting Bethlehem, Pa.

I found some vintage baby buggies...  and an old and scary looking baby as well....

And while I was focusing on babies and buggies, Gary was doing man stuff.

You know...

Like drinking water from one of those old tin dipper thingies like they do in the westerns....  

Thursday, May 2, 2013

Alligator In Intensive Care

Me:  Gracie!  You killed Wally!

Gracie:  I never did it!

Me:  Well who do you think did it then?

Gracie:  Not a clue

But I will be on the lookout....  

How dare they break into our house and 
tear Wally's head off!

Mom, you know I'd never do anything bad to Wally.

Wednesday, May 1, 2013


She had some birthday money left over... so Rissi went to the dollar store and bought her PopPop a bag of presents.

A pair of socks, a package of pens, 

 A brush...  

And this fabulous birthday hat!

We all met at The Texas Grillhouse for dinner and some Birthday Cake!

Happy Birthday Gary!

Scrapbook of Easter Day

Gary got me a new iPhone 10X for my birthday... yay!  I needed it.. my phone had gotten s-o s-l-o-w. The camera is awesome, but for some re...