Tuesday, May 21, 2013


Sick and tired of feeling sick and tired.

I did what I had to do....

Trying hard to make excuses, I asked the girl who owns the gym (and who also sat down with me and devised a 2 week startup plan), "Do old people join Life Fitness? 
 I am old you know? " 

When I told her I was 58, she was quick to tell me
 her age as well...  

The confirmation that I needed to ensure me that I had come to the right place.     

Honestly, her 58 looks more like a 45.  

I'm In.


  1. So a new gym and a new program...sounds good! How often will you go? And I just KNOW you are doing this only for fitness, because you do NOT need to lose weight!

  2. Congratulations Bobbi! That first step is the hardest!! You will not look back....in fact you will look forward to that 'fix' every time you go.
    Having had a 'fitness business' in the 80's I met lots of people in the same boat as you. Most of them stayed with the 'program' and loved it.
    Good on you Bobbi!

  3. good for you!! I'm right here to cheer you on!!!

  4. Good for you! Keep us posted on your progress and just maybe you'll inspire someone else to give up being sick and tied of being sick and tired.

  5. Good luck with the new routine.

  6. Well you knows how my mum is bouts da gym so hers be all excited fur you...and hopefully a new addiction...hehehe.
    Mum says there is nuttin' betters than an awesome workout to get those endorphines goin' and especially da good feelin' you has of yourself.
    I can't wait to hears bouts your progress.


  7. I'm in too... Hugs to you from a 59 year old lady who needs to get moving:) Have a blessed day!

  8. You Go, Girl! Wow! You are putting this 40 yr. old to shame.... ;0)

    When I used to excercise regularly I felt soooo much better! maybe some of your motivation will inspire me....


  9. I'm trying to do the same thing! I used to be in great shape, but the last few years have let myself go. It's hard to start up again.

    Pip's assistant

  10. you are an inspiration!

  11. Bobbi, you are in no way old! :D
    Happy workout!

  12. Go for it Bobbi...you`ll feel so much better about you and life!!


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