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Yes. It's Time.

 Summer had to go to the bathroom but not before stepping onto the scale to see how tall she is.  God love her!  

This years plans are to go to Ocean City again with family and that is always a blast...  but I am seriously looking into adding a Walt Disney World Vacation early next year.  At the beginning of the year sometime when it's not too crowded.  I think the kids would love it!  They are at that perfect age. 
Next thing on my bucket list will be me and my guy, traveling across country.  If it weren't for Gracie I would have considered this much sooner.  But I hate leaving her home alone with just a part time 'sitter'.    Now that my daughter has a house of her own (which will have a fenced in yard when I'm done), I will actually consider leaving her with them.  She loves them almost as much as she loves her pack (Gary and me).
And so.  Yes.  It's time.  A bucket list is in order, while we are still in good enough health to enjoy life.    We are not gett…