Thursday, May 5, 2016

Yes. It's Time.

 Summer had to go to the bathroom but not before stepping onto the scale to see how tall she is.  God love her!  

This years plans are to go to Ocean City again with family and that is always a blast...  but I am seriously looking into adding a Walt Disney World Vacation early next year.  At the beginning of the year sometime when it's not too crowded.  I think the kids would love it!  They are at that perfect age. 

Next thing on my bucket list will be me and my guy, traveling across country.  If it weren't for Gracie I would have considered this much sooner.  But I hate leaving her home alone with just a part time 'sitter'.    Now that my daughter has a house of her own (which will have a fenced in yard when I'm done), I will actually consider leaving her with them.  She loves them almost as much as she loves her pack (Gary and me).

And so.  Yes.  It's time.  A bucket list is in order, while we are still in good enough health to enjoy life.    We are not getting any younger.  This life passes us by way too fast.  I have lost too many loved ones this past year.  Sometimes I feel so broken-hearted, living without those that meant so much to me for so long.  Everything has changed but through it all I am so very grateful for a loving family.  Wouldn't trade 'em for anything!!!

And so my bucket list begins...  


1.  disney world with the kiddo's
2.  traveling with my guy

That will be all for now.  These two adventures will take lots of money...  so for the time being I need to get to work....

Dear Diary,

I am being forced to use a ramp (at night) to get on the bed.  Mom says I wander too much at night anymore.  And then I whine because I can't jump back up onto the bed.  She said she had two choices.  Either to lower the bed to the floor or make me use the ramp.  She's making me use the ramp!  Selfish, nagging woman!  Gracie


  1. Gracie, stop wandering. That would solve the problem. Koda could never use the steps back up; he didn't get the hang of it. He could walk down them but not up, so one of us would get out of bed and put him back up on the bed (he may have been a touch more spoiled than you are).

    Bobbi, wonderful bucket list! You are right; the kids need to be at the perfect age to go to Disney; too young they won't remember; too old and some of the magic is gone; your grandchildren are right at that age where it would be a wonderful adventure for them.


  2. Wondering why your posts take so long to get on my page. I don't see them until they are hidden in the line-up. I have to go looking for more than just yours.
    Yes, do those special vacations while you both are still able. Don't end up like me - wish I could handle it.

    Gracie, figure out the ramp or they will just let you whine. You are a smart dog!

  3. Gracie used the ramp 2 nights in a row...Mission Accomplished!!

  4. I've been making a bucket list too. You get to a certain place in your life and things like it become important. I think your trips sound like fun. GRACIE use the ramp.



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