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I'll Never Grow Up. Not Me.

Crazy Busy Lately!
Lindsey is feeling better but is still experiencing rapid heartbeat even with the beta blocker that was prescribed her.  She went through a battery of testing... and now is waiting for test results and an appointment with a specialist.  Her medication makes her very tired.  
When she swallowed her radioactive pill for the testing, she was not told that she would need to be away from her baby for 48 hours.  I was not prepared to take care of  a baby for 2 days but... 
You gotta do what you gotta do...
And now Summer thinks I'm her Mama.   LOL!
~~~~~~~~~ Friday night, in honor of my never wanting to grow up 58th birthday,  we went to see the play PETER PAN.  

The grandkids were excited!

 It was Jake's first time to see a real live play  and he was in aww...

Lindsey and I agreed.  Peter Pan was Athena's double!!  (Athena is Gary's estranged daughter from PAS)
Peter Pan looked like Athena, talked like her, acted like her, rolled her eyes like her, was …