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Gettysburg, Pa and Save The Planet

Early yesterday morning I headed to Gettysburg, Pa. to attend a hearing convention for my job.  My navigator announcer has a beautiful, crisp, clear voice which is unusual in a GPS, (mostly they are very computer-ish sounding). But she's not very bright.  Oh, she found us the quickest route and it looked like we'd be 15 minutes early, just in time for coffee and donuts UNTIL we ran into a detour less than a mile away from our destination and were rerouted around the town...  She freaked.  She kept  repeating 'make a legal u turn now', 'make a legal u turn now,' then she sent us to a couple of dead end roads and a closed bridge after recalculating several times.  We were late.
The bad news: The day was long and I almost fell asleep a few times.
The good news: They served a great lunch and I had a few good laughs with the others from our franchise.
On to the hotel. 
 I carefully chose Comfort Suites after viewing the fabulous feedback from others via trip advisors.  …