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Less Than What We Hoped For

You know how it is.

 When our kids grow up to be...  shall we say less than what we had hoped for...

And we ask ourselves, where did we go wrong?


I'm talking about Gracie - aka The Intimidator - aka The Town Nuisance - aka Idiot Dog who Lunges at passersby.

Owners of other dogs are quick to turn around during their walks and go the other way when they see us coming.

** Shakes head**    "Where did we go wrong?"
Dear Diary, Mom has been delighted with my activity lately.  I've been watching the house without falling asleep so much... keeping us safe from people lingering on the streets and looking suspicious.  Walks are back in the picture for me and I keep the coast clear so we're free to enjoy our walks without intruders getting in the way.

Life is good.  And at the end of the day, I am rewarded.   Gracie.