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Advice From the Cupcake

Dear Diary,
I had to call a meeting with Cupcake the other day.  I'm a little concerned.  The Summer girl aka NumNum has not shared one single cookie with me yet.  I asked Cupcake, do you think she doesn't like me?  Is it my breath?  Is she afraid of me?  Do I intimidate her?  Wadda ya think it is Cupcake?

Now Cupcake and I go way back.  She's been sharing cookies with me since she was knee high to a grasshopper.  
Cupcake is all wise...  and she did have a point when she reminded me that her grammy seems to have been without cookies in her house for the past year... ever since her quest to lose weight.  So now I need to talk to the Summer girl aka NumNum.

One look at the grammy with those baby blues and the word 'cookie' should do it.

In the meantime...  I wait patiently. Yesterday morning during our walk, I walked into a rosebush and came back home with a bloody ear and foot.  I'm okay now. Oh.  And Mom has published parts of my diary in her book and called it Graci…