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October Skies

We've been having a lot of rain and cooler temperatures here.  A few nights ago I took Gracie outside to pee.  In the dark of the night we ventured up to the city sidewalk so she could smell the boy pee on the light poles and I could see our  plaque that had been placed on the bench in front of our house.

I felt as though someone was standing there...  watching me... and I could see a shadow to my left, through the dim street light just feet from where we stood.  I pulled Gracie quickly towards me and we started for the house! Just then I saw that it was our big ear that was stalking me and not the serial killer that I had imagined.  

The next day I went out and took some pictures.  

Fall is here.   It says so on the calender and I feel it in the air.

Colors are fading.

Flowers are saying their goodbyes.

 The sky is looking mysterious and sad. 

The swing set sits abandoned, remembering laughter, and hoping for a few more play sessions before  turning in for the winter.  

This year has been…