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Remembering Jim

My first memories of Jim were of teasing.  He called me a baby because I was afraid of the dark and I had to sleep with a night light on.  That night light showed into the living room  of our little four room house (where the three boys slept) and it kept him awake at night.  He also teased me because my smile was so big that it showed a part of my gum.  A song was created about my hideous smile at that time.  But I ignored the creep.

He was never one to pull any punches.  He was the boss, and all of us five younger siblings understood that.  The oldest sister  was the boss of him though and she put him through the wall one time to prove it.  
But Jim liked being in charge.  When the make believe bugle sounded ( I think it might have been made out of an empty toilet paper roll) five ragamuffin kids quickly took their place in the military line, oldest to youngest, awaiting  instruction.  Sometimes we would do the military maze, "Go! Go! Go!" He'd holler.   Under the bed,…