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the beach the beach the beach

Sorry I have been so blog-absent lately.  I have been busy in the office trying to wrap things up before BEACH TIME!!  We will be headed out on Saturday and I am so looking forward to this vacation!  I need time to relax, regroup, and have fun.  It has been a tough year.   Too many losses.  Too much heartbreak.

My focus now is in trying to get all of my hearing aid deliveries taken care of and working on the fun stuff for the beach..

It is going to be better than ever before, I hope,  with prizes being quadrupled and the game has morphed into something even bigger.

We will start off with a scavenger hunt like last year.  This year I am a lot more organized though, and I have Photos/Videos/ and Items  separated so as to make it easier on the teams.

Top prize is $500!  Holy cow that's a lot of loot!

I've been saving and working hard all year for this, so let the fun begin.

Second place will be $100 and Third place $50.

Only three teams will be competing this year...  But I l…