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my summer.  by bobbi phillip.
spring/summer started kindly.   reuniting gary with his estranged daughter was a perfect way to begin.  shortly after, however, during her stay with us... we found she was a poser. she left. we survived. life goes on.
summer.  hot and stormy.  very busy.  
hub. filed 4 bankruptcy on the cards he used to try to save his daughter via lawyers, basement psychologist 4 daughter, and enormous child support. now it's finished.  glad that's over with.  he has had impeccable credit all his life.  how sad, what has happened. 
which brings me to my book.  sigh.  it is done being edited, and gary and i are both going over it again, then it will be sent for publication.   it's keeping us very busy. 
july turned out to be the best month 'business-wise' that we have had so far at 'all about hearing'.  wow!  word is getting out.
gary's mom will be up next week to stay in our guest apartment for a week.  looking forward to that.
there is a reason …