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The morning brought a gorgeous sunrise and though I'd been to the ocean many times before this, I was in total awe.  In less than five minutes I watched the sun first brighten the oceans horizon, and then glide up-up-up till it was in full view.  The sun rose completely in less than five minutes!

 I had never before took the time to watch the full process and this display of God's awesome work would prompt me to pull myself out of bed each morning at 6:10AM to witness it again and again and again.

 There's something about watching the sun rise over the sea that reminds you that this earth's creation was perfectly and meticulously thought out by an awesome God.  

The older I get, the less I enjoy the hot sand on my feet and the intense sun beating down on me as I walk to the water.

  And so... first stop was just steps from our building to rent an umbrella and beach chair.  These people actually plant the umbrella into the sand (whatever spot you choose) and take the c…