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In Shock

An excerpt from Gracie's Diary (my memoir that will soon be finished):
Weeks later Mike came to visit en route to Pennsylvania from his Florida winter retreat and I spotted him walking toward our office wearing his infamous faded jeans and a cream colored jacket.  He sported a deep healthy tan and his arms were full with a plant, a plaque that read Love One Another, a poster with ten rules for a happy marriage, and a package of multi-colored Bic cigarette lighters he’d bought for a dollar at a yard sale.       “Dad, welcome back!” Gary said, hugging him.  I hugged him too and he handed me a lemon tree and a birthday card.  He hadn’t told us he had lost weight.       “Happy Birthday,” he said.  I examined the healthy tree, but didn’t let on that it would more than likely be in plant heaven within a matter of weeks in my care.      “Thank you!” I said.  “You look great!”       He winced when he lowered himself to sit in one of the waiting room chairs, his hip still paining from the s…