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I never feel more special than I do on this day.

Jake welcomes us to his school with open arms.  He says "I'm proud of my grandparents"  

He melts my heart and makes me feel special.  He makes us feel special.

Grade 2 had pictures done first in the auditorium.  Then we had story time where we took turns reading some pretty interesting books.  I did learn a thing or two about bats that I did not know before.  Next was bingo in the library and then snacks and crafts in the cafeteria.

The sweetest little girl stood alone and kept looking up at me and smiling.  "Are your grandparents here today?" I asked.  "No," she said.  "My grandma had to work." "Can we adopt you for the day to be our granddaughter?" I asked.  The smile never left her face the entire time we were together.  She kept telling others that we adopted her... Gee, these kids sure do make us feel special...  what a blessing!

Jake and I worked together on a really cool cra…