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What If

If someone would have told me fourteen years ago that I'd soon be getting a divorce after 20 years of marriage I would have told them they were crazy.

Unbeknownst to my pre menopausal self, I'd soon be living on my own and entering into a journey that would take me out of my comfort zone and into the world of the unknown,  and I'd be struggling to make sense of it all...  But how was I to know this fourteen years ago?

 If someone would have said to me, 'You'll meet someone online who lives over 550 miles away and then you will marry him over a year later'...  I would have said, "yea... sure I will."

Who would have known I'd have a dog that I would actually be permitted to keep inside as a house pet??

If by chance, the future could have been predicted, and I was told...  'You'll endure many years of heartache as you watch your new husband go through a literal hell seeing his daughter be destroyed through parental alienation...'

Would I h…