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To appreciate what I'm about to tell you, you should first  read my post of  Oct. '10 about 
My brother Jimmy.
And now for the rest of the story....
Jimmy called me about a month ago wanting to know our address.  
JIM:  "I'll be sending you and Gary the money I owe you..."  
ME:  "What money?"  
JIM:  "The money I borrowed when my car broke down and I had to get another one."  
ME:  "That was five years ago!  Forget it Jim.  I did."
But Jimmy didn't forget.  
Then he told me the rest of the story. 
 He was months behind on his rent, overdrawn on his checking account, and down on his luck once again... about as low as he could get.  
He was expecting that he might be living out of his car once again.  
He called his bank to see just how much he was overdrawn only to find that there was a very large amount of money in his bank account.  
"WHAT?!  ARE YOU KIDDING ME?"  he asked.  
No Jimmy...  they were not kidding you.  It is for real!