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A Tale of Terror by Omar

 Once upon a time there lived an opossum named  Omar.  He was uglier than the ugliest of uglies.   After wreaking havoc on Princess Gracie's space and threatening her with his big ugly teeth and arrogant attitude, the groundskeeper set a trap to capture the wild and evil creature.

He placed sardines in the trap (since Omar was attracted to fish) and went to bed that night and waited.

Next day sure enough the trap had went off.

But alas!

Omar was smarter than the average Opossum and he was nowhere to be found.

Having pulled the sardines through the side of the cage, he cheated the entrapment and that had been set for him and went on to live a fun life, laughing beyond the grounds fence at the stupidity of Princess Gracie and her groundskeeper.   Omar rubbed his tummy, glad to be alive.

The groundskeeper thought, now how can I outsmart that pesky Omar and bring him into captivity so that Princess Gracie can live a life of freedom and run and jump and pee and poop in her own ya…