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It's a Long Story

I've been on vacation.   We had a two part vacation planned which included Berlin, Ohio (Amish country) and Kentucky where we were going to go to the Creation Museum and Noah's Ark Experience. Berlin is our annual anniversary getaway.

There, I relish the peace and tranquility.  Leaving all my cares behind and searching for little pockets of time where utopia lives inside my soul if just for a millisecond.

 We shopped and ate good food,  went to a flea market, soaked in the jacuzzi, played cards, played pool, shopped some more and relaxed on the patio enjoying nature.

The most fun was at the Amish Country Theater where I volunteered Gary for a skit with a  renowned ventriloquist and it was hilarious!  If you have time to kill, watch it and laugh!  It's about 12 minutes long.

Wednesday morning we had our basket of breakfast brought to our door.  That same morning we watched Tom Turkey pecking at our car at his reflection.

The following one minute video is well worth the w…