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Where's Gracie and Happy Birthday Mom!

Gary:  Have you seen Gracie?
Me:  No, I thought you put her outside.

Gary:  I think I know where she is...

Gracie: Can't you see I'm depressed?  Can a girl have some privacy here?

Me:  **LOL**  Oh Gracie, you are so cute!

 Gracie:  I'll show you cute woman!  Now can I have a moment here...

Me:  Aww Gracie.  Why you so grumpy?

Gracie:  Why you so annoying?

And speaking of Grumpy...

Today I remember my Mom who would be celebrating a birthday on this day....

Mom turned 69 on her last birthday here in this world (about 19 years ago).  I remember it like it was yesterday.  She had just been released from the hospital.  She had a lot of health problems..  I won't go into detail now because it would make this post way too long, but as luck would have it... she was getting out on her birthday.

"I don't want a party or anything.."  she told me (after I had already got her cake).

Grumpy!  (I thought to myself).

"Don't worry...  no party..." I told her.