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My Bushkill Falls Experience

Bushkill Falls Inn and Conference Center.   
It took a while to get to our 'room'.  
Directions: Go up the elevator to the third floor, walk all the way over to the other side of the hotel and then catch the elevator back down to the second floor where we walk down the hall, hang a right, go down a flight of steps, and our destination is on our right.  
Oh no!  The key card did not work!
Not to worry.  Help was on the way.  New cards were made and a kindly gentlemen delivered them to us as we waited patiently on the steps just outside our 'room'.

Beautiful roomlounge apartment.  Not what we ordered, but a nice substitute.  The Third floor was inundated with Jewish families there for a bar mitzvah.  Each time we did the elevator exchange on floor #3 it would be 'let's see how many unsupervised kids we have to dodge to make it safely to our room'.  These kids were playing ball, carrying on, and running around while the grown ups gathered together ignoring th…