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I'm Tired

The Western Maryland Health System.  A beautiful place.  It looks more like a hotel than a hospital.  They even have valet parking!  But you don't want to come here if you have an...


I brought Lindsey here on Thursday, after she'd spent several days hemorrhaging - the side effects of the pill the doctor put her on after the baby was born.

4:30 PM.  The waiting room was empty.  I took care of the baby and Lindsey was called back to a room.  This shouldn't take long.  We were the only ones there.
   Soon the waiting room was becoming full, so I gathered up the baby and her stuff and went back to Lindsey's room with her.  She was weak and in a lot of pain.  They took blood from her arm and it bled like crazy, even after they bandaged it.  They took a urine sample, then told her they'd be taking her back for a sonogram.  We waited.
And Waited.

And waited.  
Not a person came back to say, are you doing okay?  Do you need anything?  
Nothing.  They acted like we wer…