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A Dozen Snowmen and A Dog

 What to do with a yard full of snow  that you never really wanted...
 Make a snowman? 
 I had two snowballs rolled and then I was pooped out.  
  But as I'm building these 2 big snowballs I'm thinking,  
Snowmen.  Not one.  Not two.  But a yard full of snowmen. 
 Good advertising.   "Look at all those snowmen!"  "And the ear"  "Huh!  They must sell hearing aids here...  Let's stop and buy a hearing aid."
Then I thought.  But I can't even build one snowman yet alone a yard full of them. 
 Then the lightbulb!
I called my unemployed son and asked him  if he wanted a job.

He worked hard into the night.   I went out and helped him off and on.  It was bonding time for mother and son.  Today after church Gary and I visited the $1 Store and then put the finishing touches on the faceless mounds of snow.
And now, we have a dozen guests living in our front yard and they just might be here for a while....

Meet Perry the Party an…