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I almost forgot to wish my sister a happy birthday today.  So while my daughter Lindsey was here with Rissi, I decided to call her so we could all sing to her over speaker phone.  When she picked up the phone, she sounded like she was getting a cold.  In unison we sang loud and clear, knowing that this would make my sister very happy!  

First a belly laugh.  Then a thank you.  Then, "I really appreciate this...  But it's not my birthday."  
  I was sure today was the right day.  
"No, this is Lena.  I think you have a wrong number.  But I really enjoyed the song..."  Another belly laugh.  
I checked my phone to see...  It looked like the right number.  
Gary yelled from across the room, "Well, happy birthday to you whenever your birthday is..."  More laughter.  
After I apologized, the stranger on the other end assured me that there was no need to apologize.  We had made her day.
 I had punched in a 9 instead of a 0.  Oops.
So I punched in t…