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Saturdays Story

True story!

Two Saturday's ago, while driving to my niece's baby shower, I reached for my new sunglasses to deflect the glare.
"How do you like my new sunglasses?" I asked.  I yanked them off and handed them to Lindsey (my daughter) and she tried them on.

"Nice!" she said. "The closest I ever came to designer glasses is when Jack gave me his that time when we were younger.  Remember...  the ones I wore the day you met Ronnie down on the bridge when you were holding his tape case as hostage?"

I laughed out loud!  I remembered.

"And the surprise birthday party that we had for him?"  Lindsey said.   I remembered that too.

For the first time in probably ten years, we talked at length about our friend Ronnie.   You know how it is...   A blast from the past...

"Whatever happened to him?"  Lindsey asked.
"He moved away...  Like New Mexico or somewhere I think," I said.  "It's sad what happened."

     Ronnie wa…