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Heading South & Meeting Ginny and Phil

Me:  I'm sorry Gracie but we're leaving for a couple of days and this time you'll have to stay at the kennel.
Gracie:  But why?  I can take care of myself.
Me:  Gracie, you know you can't.  Who would leave you out to potty?  Who will feed you and give you fresh water?
Gracie:  Lindsey will.
Me:  Lindsey can't do it this time.  She has her hands full with Marissa being sick again and Robby is sick too.  It will be okay.  You've been to the kennel before.  You like it there...  remember?
Gracie... You know I love you.
Gracie: If you loved me you wouldn't leave me.

Leaving Gracie at the kennel was horrible!  When she found out we were leaving she cried and cried.  I miss her so much and can't wait to get back to her tomorrow...

Friday.  Headed south!

I was so excited!  Because our plans included stopping off in Virginia and meeting up with one of my FAVORITE bloggers Ginny of Let Your Light Shine and her husband Phil.  I have learned so much from Ginny by reading h…