Sunday, January 29, 2012

Heading South & Meeting Ginny and Phil

Me:  I'm sorry Gracie but we're leaving for a couple of days and this time you'll have to stay at the kennel.  

Gracie:  But why?  I can take care of myself.

Me:  Gracie, you know you can't.  Who would leave you out to potty?  Who will feed you and give you fresh water?

Gracie:  Lindsey will.

Me:  Lindsey can't do it this time.  She has her hands full with Marissa being sick again and Robby is sick too.  It will be okay.  You've been to the kennel before.  You like it there...  remember?

Gracie... You know I love you.

Gracie: If you loved me you wouldn't leave me.  

Leaving Gracie at the kennel was horrible!  When she found out we were leaving she cried and cried.  I miss her so much and can't wait to get back to her tomorrow...

Friday.  Headed south!

I was so excited!  Because our plans included stopping off in Virginia and meeting up with one of my FAVORITE bloggers Ginny of Let Your Light Shine and her husband Phil.  I have learned so much from Ginny by reading her blog AND she always includes a Bible verse at the end of her post which ties in with the post for that day.  If you haven't visited her already, you really should.  

Okay, so I was a little 'star struck' and came real close to asking Ginny, author of Let Your Light Shine for her autograph...  but I contained myself.

We had lunch together...

 Her and Phil are the genuine, sweet people that 
I thought they'd be!  It was fun!

for taking the time to meet with us!  


  1. Oooh I wish I lived close enough to tend Gracie for you... Tessy would love it too!... xoxo Julie Marie and Tessy

  2. and from reading her Bobbi, she was just as smitten with meeting you. How fun! I'm so glad you both had that opportunity! I'm certain Gracie will be fine!

  3. Thanks fr the kind words, Bobbi!!! We posted about each other on the same day! I SO much enjoyed our visit!! You can loose so much with only blogging. A person's smile, the sound of their voice, their personality. Phil and I were both talking about how very SWEET you are and how personable and fun Gary is, you two are an amazing and fun couple!! Maybe next time you pass through, you can come to the house and we can have pizza or something. I also want to hear all about Flloyd's and see pictures. And did you go to Mt. Pilot as well? I hope you have lots of pictures of everything. I WISH I had brought a gift for Gracie!!! But next time....

  4. "GRACIE, hang in there honey. They won't be gone too long. You'll FORGIVE them when they get back. Because they MISS you as much as you MISS them." Bobbi looks like you two are having fun. Glad you got to meet your blog friends. They seem like real nice people. Ssh don't tell her, though... that I have a handful of Guatemalan Worry Dolls. She didn't seem too keen on them. But I took to heart what she said. ENJOY the rest of your trip. GODSPEED.

  5. Oh what a sweet post! Poor Gracie, I think she just loves you all so much! I know that the Kennel folks will make her feel like a queen! Enjoy your time dear friend, HUGS!

  6. Poor Gracie. I know she'll be glad to hook up with her Momma. I cried the last time we left Tugie and I said "never again". We now have to travel where dogs can go. lol

  7. Aww, poow widdle Gracie. :-( I know how hard it is to leave them in the kennel, and how it can really affect your joy on a trip.

    How neat that you met a blogging friend. We traveled to MN a few years ago to visit my daughter, who was then living in Minneapolis. We drove on farther north to Duluth so I could meet my long time blogging friend. It's so neat the way the internet brings people together who'd other wise not likely meet this side of Heaven! :-)

  8. I came over here from Ginny's - I just love her - Hello - hope you had a great time and that Gracie is okay. sandie

  9. When I read Ginny's blog, I just knew that you didn't take Gracie. :( Does the poor dear not travel well? (Or does Ginny have a black dog? :-)

    Glad you had a great time!

  10. Hi, just popped over from Ginny's. Your Gracie is a cutie, I hope she didn't suffer too badly while you were away. Hope you had a nice trip. Lucky you to get to meet Ginny!

  11. Wonderful, happy pics of you, Gary, Ginny and Phil! Glad you all got to spend time with each other.

    I think Gracie will be just fine with an extra long walk and/or a treat!

  12. Poor, poor Gracie. Glad you all had a good time though!

  13. So excited for all of you. Two of my favorite bloggers having lunch together. WOW!!! I sat here reading both you guys and was blown away.... Hugs. LJ

  14. I love Ginny and Phil. They are the best. So happy you were able to meet them face to face. I'm keeping my fingers cross that 2013 will be our year to go East.

    Gracie looks like a real sweetie. Our Tanner cries when we kennel him too. The doggies kisses are everywhere and plentiful when we return.

  15. We're glad you were able to meet your friends. Hopefully by now Gracie has forgiven you and you have forgiven yourself!! I remember how I felt leaving our dog at a kennel. Kind of like leaving a child in day care. LOL
    Hugs Madi and mom

  16. Such a wonderful trip for all of you...I'll speak to Gracie so she can feel worries!

  17. came over via Ginn's blog to say hi. Ginny is a lovely person.

    Did you give them a surprise or was it all planned?

  18. What a wonderful trip.
    My heart breaks in knowing the pain you felt in leaving your little love Gracie

  19. Bobbi, it's a good thing I don't live close enough to you to pet sit Gracie, 'cuz you might not get her back.... LOL!

    Glad y'all had such a fun time!

    And i think your blouse in the pic is too cute.... love the lace on it and the black and white color!


  20. It's always fun meeting blog friends in real life! Glad you enjoyed your visit!


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