Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Seeing the Girls and Mini Vacation

Summer is still sick.  She has a horrible cough.  We stopped by to see the girls tonight and Gary played with Rissi while I rocked my 'lil Kitten (Summer). 

 Sometimes she purrs...  when she's just about to fall off to sleep she'll make the cutest sound of contentment.  That's one of the reasons I call her my kitten.  

I rocked her to sleep in my arms

Rissi - pretending

As soon as she's put down - wide awake!

Gary is taking me on a surprise mini vacation this weekend.. well, it's not a surprise anymore because I kind of guessed.

We're renting a cabin in Mt. Airy, NC - home of Mayberry Days and Andy Griffith.  I'm pretty excited because I've always loved The Andy Griffith Show and I'm a huge fan of the 'simple life' that was portrayed in the show.  

It's about a 6 hour drive down through Virginia and into North Carolina.  It will be good to get away for a few days.  

Shhh...  don't tell Gracie.  


  1. Oh, I'm so sorry about poor little Summer!!! I'm glad to know how you got her pet name, what a very sweet story!!! Wow, I LOVE the Andy Griffith Show!!! I hope you go to all the cool places and show us plenty of pictures. My daughter-in-law worked as a pharmacist's assistant in that town, and Andy used to come in to pick up his drugs and talk to her, and even tell her about his dreams!!

  2. Summer is so-oo precious. Her blankie is very pretty. I hope this miserable cold leaves her alone very soon. The mini vacation sounds like just the fix for the winter doldrums. North Carolina is fantastic. Gracie is going to be so-oo jealous. Have fun. ENJOY! Take care.

  3. These are adorable pictures! I hope you have a great time on your trip. :)

  4. Oh we hope Summer gets better soon!!!! What a cutie she is!
    Where does little Gracie get to go when you go get your surprise?

  5. Poor little Summer. It's just awful when they're that small and sick. They don't understand, they just know they're miserable. :-(

    I love that bottom picture of her so wide-eyed. Adorable!

    The mini-vaca sounds marvelous. I've never been to NC, but always thought I'd like to visit. We love the Andy Griffith show around here, too, watching it on tv when we catch reruns.

    Have fun, and don't let Gracie put you on too much of a guilt trip when you get back! ;-)

  6. Cute Picture,but I hope the little one gets better....

  7. So sorry that Summer is still sick. She sure is beautiful. Little Rissi is adorable too.

    Good for you two going on a short vacation. I loved Mayberry too. I have a friend who collects the little Mayberry Christmas village houses.

    Wishing you safe and happy travel!

  8. Sweet little baby:) I hope she is feeling better! Have a blessed day and enjoy your trip!!!! BIG HUGS!

  9. Such sweet little girls! Hope Summer feels better soon. Have fun this weekend! Gracie, come on down for some fun here!!!!
    Lovies, Miss Mindy

  10. Oh My, I am so jealous! Mayberry! My daughter bought the Andy Griffith DVD's for me for Christmas. I love them! I just keep them on when I am around the house for relaxation. Sometimes I sit and watch and other times I enjoy the voices and character quality taught in the show. Be sure to take a picture or two and let us know what you did there. Have fun!

  11. That sounds like my kind of vacation. Have a wonderful time!

  12. Healing thoughts and prayers coming for your precious Summer!!

    Bobbi, I hope you have a wonderful trip, and I'll look forward to seeing pictures and reading about it!!

    Take care!!

  13. I made sure Samson didn't see t his because he would tell her for sure. I hope Summer will get better soon. So little and coughing already. Have a wonderful trip. I love the idea of Mayberry too. And there's no one like Andy Griffith. Take photos, OK.

  14. Ahhh... I can't stand to think of Summer beings sick... poor lambie. She will be in my prayers.

    Girl, you're gonna have so much fun on your mini - VaCay!!

    And how sweet of Gary to "surprise" you, even though you guessed...

    I hope y'all have a wonderful, relaxing, fun time!


  15. Hi Ms Bobbi and Gracie
    Have a good trip. My peeps went to Mt. Airy last August. It is lots of fun. It is about 2 hrs from us.
    Mums the word I WON'T TELL GRACIE you are leaving her.
    Hugs madi

  16. Nice name.. Summer! The book I am reading now has a sweet girl named Summer too..
    Coming by via Ginny's blog.. she is right! You have an interesting and fun blog here..

  17. well i know you got to VA because i found this post when Ginny told us about meeting you. beautiful babies and so is Gracie. I lay in bed and hold and hold you know what because if i get up so do both dogs, so yes they own us. i loved Andy G also and still at times watch the reruns. would love to visit there.

  18. I came over from Ginny's blog to say hi. She was telling us about your visit. Sounds like a fun trip, I always liked Andy Griffith.
    Cute little ones there too.
    I read your last post about the gin and raisins. I'm going to have to give that a try

  19. I met you thru Ginny's blog. That must have been so much fun! I would love to meet Ginny some day. She must be just as nice in person!
    Hope Summer is better soon!

  20. Sorry to hear Summer has been so sick! I hope she is feeling better now!

    I think I am the only North Carolinian that despises the Andy Griffith show! Was forced to watch it every night during dinner when I was young. I've been to Mt. Airy quite a few times. It's a nice little town! I hope you enjoyed your stay!


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