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Florida Oranges and Happy Birthday Mike

Today I'd like to talk to you about oranges.

But first take a moment to look at the cute kid with an orange section stuffed in her mouth. This would be Gary's daughter Athena, when she was little.

While In Florida in 2005 Gary purchased this orange tree.  What was he thinking?  This tree would never make it in our neck of the woods!

In April of 2006 Mike, (Gary's father), stopped by for a few days en route from his Florida winter retreat to his Bethlehem Pa. apartment.  He gifted me a lemon tree, and Gary 2 more orange trees.  
So then there were 4.

Gary and Mike planted the trees together in this oblong planter.  
Rewind.Gary's love for his father was evident in that they were best friends as well as father and son.  We were living in WV at the time.  The Man Cave was downstairs, and that is where  sounds of  laughter and loud boomy movies would carry up through the vents and infiltrate my own quiet place in the living room as the two of them either watched movies together…