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VayCay 2016 Pt 4

Ok.  So part four goes something like this.

Every time I turned around my phone was buzzing.  Photo's and video's were pouring in throughout the week.  "Will this work?" Lindsey asked via text after she sent me a short video of Rissi asking a seagull to name her pet rock.  "No," I answered.  "It needs to be a real person."  And then there was the one where Lindsey asked a store clerk if they carried Donald Trump pens.  Disqualified!  It's a Donald Trump toothbrush she needed to ask for.  So she had to do a couple of do-overs but it all worked out.

Last year's hard to find item was a candy cane.  This year, Fruit stripe gum.

Stacy was blank.  She had no idea where to find it.  Lindsey too.  No clue.  The teams were close for the win.  Very close.  The last day it came down to that one item.  Every single other item was found/photo was taken/video was made for both of the winning teams.  But none could find the Fruit stripe gum.  I was su…