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We Are Through!!!

I loved him with all my heart.  I knew that one day I would marry him, and so I began to sign my name Bobbie Jo Lindsay.  His face was everywhere on my wall and ceiling and I was faithful.  

I never missed a night of kissing his lips before going to bed.  He was always smiling, so I was sure he felt the same way about me.

I will never forget the day my uncle brought me home from his house (I had spent the night with my cousin) too late to see Happening '68.  It was just over (2:00 PM) and all that was left was Paul Revere and The Raiders waving  bye as they sang their last song that Saturday afternoon.  I cried for the rest of the day!

I was thirteen.

But I grew up and we grew apart, Mark Lindsay and me.  He went his way and I went mine.  I named my daughter after him, remembering the love we once had and wishing to have a remembrance with me forever and always.  (okay, I may be exaggerating a bit)


My dream came true was shattered on Thursday night at the Hampton I…