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There's Always a Catch

I know what you're thinking...

Bobbi has taken up drinking.  She's found a way to beat the winter doldrums.   
Actually the bottle of gin is for medicinal purpose.  I recently got wind of a 'natural cure' for arthritis pain that consists of gin and golden raisins.  Has anyone else heard of this?  
My sister recommended it saying it worked for her!  So I did some research online and by golly there are tons of people who swear by it.  
Seriously!  Look it up. 
Soak a bowl of golden raisins in gin for about a week.  Then  put the raisins in a jar and eat 9 raisins a day. In a few weeks you will start to notice a difference and before you know it...  no more arthritis pain.  
So I'm soaking my raisins now.

 And hoping that it works.  
Though I've not been to the doctor I'm pretty sure my hands are full of arthritis and I can't close my right hand anymore.  My little finger especially.  OUCHY!!
Having never tasted gin before, I dipped my finger in the gin to see what…