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I'm not one to focus on the past...  but doggone I was cute!

Dad liked me from the get-go.  Except when I forgot to get and I'd go on the carpet.  My bad.

Though I came into the Phillip home sometime in October, I was supposed to be a Christmas gift for my mom.  Which was fine.  I slept well under that tree.

Mom was reminded by dad every single day that I belonged to her and that she was responsible for cleaning up after my ornery self...  but when chill time came around and there was a good movie to watch or a game...  dad and I bonded and I was the perfect friend to keep him company.

Mom loved me, I could tell.  She forgave me for every single spill of pee or poop on that new white carpet.  And she kept repeating the words, "Merry Christmas to me".  There was something unsure about her tone...  but still...  treats would follow.  And as long as I was being rewarded for my bad behavior it would continue.  Oh how I used to play my mom.  BOL!

I loved the rules they set dow…