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While waiting to get into the movie theatre last week in Frederick, we wondered into the Soma Boutique.

Intimate apparel - underwear and bras.

Not since high school when Butch, our (female) gym teacher, insisted on us girls taking showers and then proceeded to watch us as we got out of the showers to make sure we were wet,  have I felt more violated.  Modest me!

Let me set the scene.

Gary:  We have 45 minutes till the movie starts.

Me: (Peering in the Soma window):  Ohh...  Nice underwear.  Let's go in here for a minute.

 **Notice, I call them underwear.  Not panties or intimate apparel.  Underwear.  Does this show that I am old or that I can throw a nickel and have it land in WV easy (thus I can pronounce and say things any old way I want)?**

I am greeted by an enthusiastic, bubbly, sales girl...  lets call her Debbie...  who encourages me to collect a mound of bras then follows me to the fitting room (after she measures me right smack dab in front of the huge store-front wind…