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A Four Star Hotel?

Well, I was right.  My PCP forgot to check that I was supposed to have a chest X ray, so that meant I had to wait around another half hour until they faxed a new order.  It wouldn't have been so bad if I hadn't had to fast and my stuffy head and sore throat needed coffee and orange juice.  
Here are just a few reasons why I think it's time I find a new PCP:  
1. My Wednesday visit to PCP last week was fruitless because PCP forgot to call for my orders.And they were rude, making it look like my fault.
2. They hurried me through yesterday...  and called me a half an hour after I was gone to find out if I got someone else's April appointment.  I did.  
3.  Forgot to check 'chest x ray' on my orders for the hospital.  
Three strikes and your out. What do you think?   I  inherited this one after my other one retired, so no big deal.  I try not to see doc's too often...   so hopefully it really won't be a big deal.
About the new hospital.

Was I in a four star hotel…