Monday, February 6, 2012

Gracie's Puppy

Rissi:  "Gracie, I'm a doggie too.  Woof, woof!"

Gracie:  "No way!  You're allowed to have chocolate.  
You're not a dog."

Rissi:  "I am Gracie!  I'm your puppy!"

Gracie:  "I was fixed, so  I have no puppies.  
You must be mistaken, Cupcake."

 Rissi:  "Gracie, I'm glad I'm your puppy."

Gracie:  "Kid, you don't belong to me. 
 Now go find your real mommy!"

Rissi:   "I know that you love me Gracie."

Gracie:  "Whatever, Kid..."

Rissi:  " and I love you Gracie."

Gracie:  Uh oh!  This scene looks all too familiar.  
School must be in session.  

And I'm torn.  Shall I run for cover 
or stick around for the lunch bell.  

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