Monday, November 19, 2012

Advice From the Cupcake

Dear Diary,

I had to call a meeting with Cupcake the other day.  I'm a little concerned.  The Summer girl aka NumNum has not shared one single cookie with me yet.  I asked Cupcake, do you think she doesn't like me?  Is it my breath?  Is she afraid of me?  Do I intimidate her?  Wadda ya think it is Cupcake?

Now Cupcake and I go way back.  She's been sharing cookies with me since she was knee high to a grasshopper.  

Cupcake is all wise...  and she did have a point when she reminded me that her grammy seems to have been without cookies in her house for the past year... ever since her quest to lose weight.  So now I need to talk to the Summer girl aka NumNum.

One look at the grammy with those baby blues and the word 'cookie' should do it.

In the meantime...  I wait patiently.
Yesterday morning during our walk, I walked into a rosebush and came back home with a bloody ear and foot.  I'm okay now.
Oh.  And Mom has published parts of my diary in her book and called it Gracie's Diary.  Without my permission I might add.  This is really embarrassing. Gracie.  


  1. Oh Gracie, I feel like I should send you some cookies and you can share them with the girls:) HUGS!

  2. Oh diet schmiet...yea, my mum has dat same lame excuse. Trust me, they are there, just hidden way back in da pantry. Tells Cupcake to grab a step stool and VOILA, mission accomplished.

    Oh hows I remembers when da Cupcake was little. Gosh, her is growin' up.
    Now, you has anudder one to train.


  3. Gracie, Gracie, Gracie......You's fallin behind on trainin dat wittle one! Cookies furst...den any odder leftovers dat might be lurking. And if no cookies...just toss her da car keys and send her's to da store!

  4. Hi Gracie, I'm glad you weren't too seriously hurt by that rose bush-but ouch! As for cookies, Hunter would much rather eat treats than any dogfood-so just threaten that you will fade away unless you get cookies. I thought I finally found some canned food he likes but now he doesn't eat it...he'd rather have cooked ground beef. What's a mom to do?
    Have a great day.
    Noreen & Hunter

  5. Oh my poor friend Gracie,
    Have you tried acting cute, rolling over, begging with your front paws up, or looking soulfully into her eyes and said, "Huh?" that usually gets me a treat. But then I'm a little on the stocky side and I hide my extra weight very well.
    Your friend,

  6. Just do the head tilt every time.

  7. Gracie, whats your addy? I will send cookies ASAP! Now stay away from the thorns, ya hear?
    Lovies, Miss Mindy

  8. Gracie, have you talked to your mom about royalties? I'm thinking if she used your diary, she should be giving you a percentage of her profits???

    Hang in there with Summer; I'm thinking she'll get the cookie thing down right as she gets older; don't give up yet!


  9. Happy thanksgiving to you and your humans, Gracie!!! Y'all have added lots of joy to my life; that is one of the things I am Thankful for!!!!


  10. Sorry you ran into the rose bush. Those things can be so painful! I think you definitely deserve a cookie after that trauma!


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