Sunday, April 28, 2013

I'll Never Grow Up. Not Me.

Crazy Busy Lately!

Lindsey is feeling better but is still experiencing rapid heartbeat even with the beta blocker that was prescribed her.  She went through a battery of testing... and now is waiting for test results and an appointment with a specialist.  Her medication makes her very tired.  

When she swallowed her radioactive pill for the testing, she was not told that she would need to be away from her baby for 48 hours.  I was not prepared to take care of 
a baby for 2 days but... 

You gotta do what you gotta do...

And now Summer thinks I'm her Mama.   LOL!

Friday night, in honor of my never wanting to grow up 58th birthday,  we went to see the play PETER PAN.  

The grandkids were excited!

 It was Jake's first time to see a real live play
 and he was in aww...

Lindsey and I agreed.  Peter Pan was Athena's double!!  (Athena is Gary's estranged daughter from PAS)
Peter Pan looked like Athena, talked like her, acted like her, rolled her eyes like her, was short like her, made facial expressions like her, had her hair, her build, was cute as a button!

But it left me sad at the end.  All I could think of is This could be Athena.  Athena has so much talent and could have been so successful in many ways.  But instead she chose to lead a life chained to her unwell mother,  staying 14 forever.  So now I'm dreaming about her again.  I'm still sad about it but it will pass.


In other news.....

Three sisters got together yesterday for my 
Niece's baby shower in PA.  

My sister Angie, niece Kristen, Me, sister Rita,
and of course the lovely Rissi
Today was Rissi's birthday party.  
Close to 40 people packed Lindsey's small apartment.

It was supposed to be outside, but rain moved in and the party was inside instead. 

**shakes head**

It was chaotic, but we survived.

And now I'm looking forward to returning 
to work tomorrow for a rest!


  1. Gosh-so much happening... and now your the new momma.
    I have a feeling all that will change soon.

  2. I'm so glad to get some news, I tend to worry. I hope that Lindsey will find out what is going on with her and that she will recover soon. As for you, Bobbi, you may be tired, but you sure look great for 58! See, a little poetry there from me to you to help celebrate: Happy Birthday, Dear Bobbi, hope you get some rest.

    And your grandkids are adorable.

  3. HAPPY BIRTHDAY. I always loved Peter Pan. I hope your daughter's condition improves soon.

  4. Happy Birthday to you, sweet friend!! and to Miss Rissi too! I am praying for Lindsey....

    Wow!! You have been one busy lady here lately!! Love all the pix...

    Sending warm hugs from Texas,

  5. My WORD! You HAVE been really, really busy!!! I love Marissa's outfit for the movie, especially the backwards sparkly pink baseball cap!!! It is just the best showing grandkids a first time at something!! And LOVING the sweet picture of Summer's back looking up at Gary!!! This is a wonderful sisters picture!! Do you all live very far apart? Please let me know what the tests show!

  6. Happy Birthday and we say a prayer for Lindsey. Have a marvelous Monday.
    Best wishes Molly

  7. WOW, you have been ONE busy lady:) Those Grandkids can sure wear us out... I totally understand! CUTE little ones at the play and at the party! Have a blessed and restful week, HUGS!

  8. Holy cows I had no idea Linds had been sick! I am hoping everything is gonna be okays with hers. Tells her I will send her some healin' vibes.
    I can't get overs how big da girls is gettin'...wasn't they babies just yetserday?

    Don't worry, it also my mission in life to nevers grow up too.

    PS: I wish there could be some reconnection with Athena

  9. WOW, you sure have been busy! Prayers for Lindsey and of course the other issue.
    <3, Gloria

  10. Wow you have been so busy--so much going on!!!! Prayer for Lindsey!!
    Thanks for your visit!!

  11. Happy Birthday sweet Bobbi. You are so pretty. Praying for Lindsey to get answers to her health problems.
    Love the pics of the grandbabies!

  12. I hope Lindsey gets to feeling better. Bryan's thyroid disease has been a very stressful roller coaster. I don't wish it on anyone! So glad that she has you to lean on!


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