Tuesday, May 29, 2012

It's A Problem!

Update on our baby robins.  
One day 2 were gone.  
 One remained and I was able to get a picture.  

The next day, he was gone too.

It makes me a little sad.  
But then again, next year will be new babies more than likely. 

 Life...  goes on.

And speaking of life's continued blessings...  

When the last of my baby birds left the nest I never even thought about what life would be like if she were to have a few baby birds of her own.  Grammy is the best title I've ever owned.

God is so Good!!

Dear Diary,  I'm trying here.  Really I am.  I'm cordial.  I greet her with a lick on the side of her face when she comes to visit.

She tries to touch my fur...  and I let her.

She stares at me with those baby blues and it melts my heart.  

Mom says she thinks I'm one of her stuffed animals...  and I let her believe that.  I mean...  heck...  what do I have to lose?

I even let her fool around with my ears which is a part of me that is off limits... except for me..    *scratch-scratch*

She coos at me.  She stares at me.  She watches every move I make.

I tell her, "Go ahead... you can play with my Wally Gator"  even though she doesn't allow me to play with her giraffe.

I have one problem with Short Stuff though.  Now I'm not saying I only love her for the cookies that she'll someday get and share quite generously with her BFF "me" but what I am saying is: I'm getting seriously tired of waiting.  She's ready, already.  Give the kid a cookie.  I blame the nag Mom.  Gracie.  


  1. Awwww! What adorable pictures! Looks like Gracie and summer are best buddies!!!

  2. Summer is just fascinated with Gracie. They are so cute together, Bobbi. You are blessed!

  3. Gracie is such a good girl!!!

  4. You never know about birds--In my book about birds it says Robins can lay 2-3 clutches of eggs in a year, so it may not be good-bye. Our Eastern Phoebe is sitting on the nest again, so I expect we'll have more hatchlings by Father's Day. I wonder if Gracie will have gotten a cookie from your beautiful Granddaughter by then? :-)!!

  5. Hi Bobbi! Your Robins have 'flew the coop'! But there is always more! I see you like Robins, so maybe check out my post tomorrow (Wednesday) on the two Robins that have been hanging around for a few weeks now.

  6. "Patience is a virtue, Gracie, and you're doing great. Hang in there for the cookies!

  7. Bobbi, hugs back to you. I got tears in my eyes reading your comment today. I feel the same way and I'm crazy about Gracie. And the little one, Short Stuff, her face is so adorable because she is so serious looking. I see one little smile there when she's playing with Gracie's ear, but other than that, she appears to take her little life very seriously. So cute. Love, Inger

  8. I love how Gracie tells a story! Be patient, Gracie! It will happen! Summer is adorable!! Always hard when the babies grow up and leave the nest, no matter if they have featers or not.


  9. oh...just when you thought the nest was empty, it was filled with a love that knows no other...what a gift indeed! Pretty cool chair there too...

  10. ohhh the sweet baby bird are gone!
    i always wish they could stay too!

  11. GRACIE, you and Summer are fast becoming BFF's. It's so nice you let her ADORE you. LOL She's still young, though. Maybe she could have some ZWIEBACK TOAST, instead of a cookie??? take care.
    PS) sad about the birds. But they'll be more.

  12. Awwwe dat was sweet bouts your title! I thinks grammy is da bestest title furs a woman...thy has done theor job raising beautiful, independent children...and then to has children of their own and to watch them grow has to be priceless.

    Gracie dear...I be withs you , I thinks it's time da babe gets cookies (a bag of cookies) cuz at dis age their hand coordination ain't da best...hehehehe.


  13. Dear Gracie, that is such a sweet post about your tiny friend:) I know that she will be having cookies soon and sharing them with her BFF! Have a wonderful day, HUGS!

  14. Do you like Cherios Gracie? I'll bet she will be giving you some of those real soon!
    Lovies, Miss Mindy

  15. BWHahahahha...Now me jus knew dat cookies would be mentioned in dis postee long before dey were! BOL

  16. Summer is going to be a dog person!!!
    That big truck is one of Tom's first project trucks. The man brought pieces of the truck and wanted Tom to build him a mud truck and a show truck all in the same truck!! That was the finished truck!!!

  17. haha cute!

    --Your new follower from the Philippines.--

  18. oh my gosh this melts my heart!

  19. Awwww.... TOO CUTE! Love those pics!



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