Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Social Media

Lately I become lax in posting consistently on my blog.  It has become more work than pleasure.  I have been more active on Facebook and just check in now and again on my blog. 

Today I was reminded of how I need to be more faithful in my blogging and visiting with my blogger friends. 

Let me explain.

I love Social Media.  To name a few ~ I have a Facebook account, a Twitter account, My Space (which has been abandoned a while back but still exists), email of course, YouTube, and Blogger (still my favorite... but time consuming). 

I have met people from around the world.  I have shared in their trials and triumphs.  I have laughed and cried while reading friend's posts.  I have learned a lot and maybe brought a smile or two to another through my own posts.  I consider many of my blogging 'regulars' my friends.  Some are often on my list of people to pray for and they, too, pray for me. 

When I read this post from a dear, beautiful blogging friend today.... first, my heart dropped.  Then, I was blessed by a testimony that could only come from one who loves and is loved by God.  You see, I believe that when we love Him and honor Him that He will send His angels before us to watch over and protect us.   This Testimony will Touch Your Heart.

Love you, Jenni!


  1. It's wonderful how we are blessed via blogging and the connections we make.

  2. This was an amazing story, she really was blessed! God was watching out for her, also a good thing she had a PRETTY insulated food tote!

  3. YES, I see you on Facebook much more all the time. A LOT of bloggers have deserted Blogland for Facebook. BUT you cannot get as personal or as long on Facebook as you can on your blog, you have more room and freedom here!

  4. We has been slackers too so don't worry! I personally consider you and Gracie my wonderful furiends and I always love comin' to sees what ya'll has to say.


  5. Thanks, my sweet friend Bobbi for sharing my story... amd for rejoicing with me in God's Faithfulness...I love you and get such joy out of your blog all the time....

    and thanks to the other precious ladies that follow you and stopped by to be blessed by my story too!


  6. That was some story on Jenni's blog. I have made a firm decision to not do social media, other than blogging. I have a FB account and visit it once a year after my birthday. It has helped some people who needed to find me, but I don't write on it or anything. I rather keep my fabulous and very peaceful life to myself. I have no need to share it. I have shared a lot on my blog, but that is in whole sentences and in stories with pictures. And that's what I love about blogging. Meeting people with real lives and real stories that cannot be told in a short little snippets. But then I'm not young, so times they are changing and I'm not.

  7. what an inspiration, from both of you!

  8. I try to keep up with the blogs, and make an effort on fb. Everyone knows I have garbage for signal. I do what I can when I can. I love all my friends, would be lost without them.

  9. I am visiting you from another friends blog. I read the blog you suggested and boy was she blessed. I hope you visit me sometime. sandie

  10. Blessings galore! Have a blessed day dear Bobbi, HUGS!

  11. Sometimes life just gets so darn busy and finding time to blog is difficult. Hope all is well for you and yours, and that all your busy-ness is fun-filled.


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