Sunday, August 7, 2016

We Have Grown Apart

For some reason I am not able to pull any photos off of my IPad to post on my blog.  Just another one of those life glitches I suppose.  Life has plenty...  This one being a minor glitch but I did want to share the beautiful sunrise with you from this mornings beachfront condo.  Sorry it won't let me.

It was hot today and I did almost nothing at all for the entire day.  We did venture out for an early dinner.  I had cream of crab soup ...  What am I thinking on a hot summers day!!  But it was good.  The best.  Awesome.

I sat out on the balcony for a while and reflected a bit ...  Thinking back to the very first time I laid eyes on the big, mysterious sea and my thoughts back then...  I was eighteen at the time.  My thoughts were, Wow!  I would never be any closer to God than I was then... Alone in the black night feeling the strength of those waves stinging my legs as I bravely walked on and on... following the oceans edge until the familiarity of my hotel was out of sight...  Just me and God.  The better part of my life was in my future then as I asked God for answers to some of life's more difficult questions and that He embrace me and remove the lonely from me.

That was over forty years ago.

The sea and I have many memories to share in those forty-some years.   We would come together time and time again and my love for its mystery and beauty would never grow old.

We have grown apart a little though... The sea and I.   I am not the same impressionable girl I was back then.   Too much of the world has left me jaded and not nearly as much in awe as I was back then... During those years of innocence.  Growing older, I complain about the hot sun and the mess that the sand makes as it clumps between my toes.  The ocean waves still roar ... Likely the same as they did those many years ago.  Still beautiful.  Still mysterious.   The sea did not change.  But I am sure that I have.

I watch the seagulls soar above in the clear blue sky without a care and I think of my mom... Many years gone.   She loved it here.

The memory of years gone by sting, just as those ocean waves stung against my skinny sunburned legs that warm June night of my youth .... A lifetime ago.


  1. Hi Bobbi, It is wonderful to hear from you and to catch up on your posts. As a child, my family would drive to FL to the beach for vacations occasionally. I remember the awe of seeing it for the first time. As you say, as we get older, it seems that scenes like the water bring to mind those who have gone on to Heaven. Pretty sunsets remind me of loved ones in Heaven too. So very thankful that you visited and I send love and wishes for a nice week.

  2. So sorry your ipad is holding your vacation photos hostage. I hope someone can help make negotiations for their release soon.

    I do love the sight of a sunrise and sunset on the oceans. The memories are in my mind's eye to drag up any time I get the notion, I just can't share them.

    Maybe next vacation should be on a mountain, or a desert, or even on the river. You'll find peace everywhere, anywhere. Look at something new without plan or expectation and you'll be caught in the awe, once again.

    I trust you had a wonderful fun filled time.

  3. How poignant and sad, yet also beautiful! Yes, our youth is gone, but not misspent. And the sea remains forever. Perhaps for Marissa and Summer.

  4. I find it amazing that I am at the age I am right now. How did that happen? You wrote so well your thoughts of growing apart with the sea and how it meant to you. We all have that special thing in our lives whatever it may be. If only we could not let us grow apart.....


  5. Reflections by the sea, insightful indeed. We evolve and grow old. ENJOY your vacation.

  6. We all have similar memories. We need to just be still... And enjoy. I am guilty of being too busy while at the beach. I need to pay attention next time I go:). Thanks for this post. Oh and your words perfectly describe the beauty!

  7. I love your writing and Samson loves that header shot of Gracie and her adorable ears. Says he. He's got this thing for ears for sure.


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