Saturday, October 16, 2010

That's My Guy

Today I felt like the Paparazzi sneaking a shot of someone famous when they were unaware...  

But I'm not a high paid photographer working for the National Enquirer or any other such magazine. 

 And my subject is only famous in my eyes.  


 I could see him but he couldn't see me because our house windows are tinted glass.   Hee hee.

This morning he called me to the window to look outside at our wildflowers. 

 "Take a good look..." he said.  "Aren't they beautiful today?  They'll soon be gone."

My hubby's not been feeling well.  It's the Crohn's disease.  He keeps losing weight and has stomach pain every day along with bloody bowel.  I'm sorry, I don't mean to gross anybody out...  but if anyone knows of someone who has this disease and has a remedy that will ease suffering... we're open for suggestions.  

He's such a good man and has been through so much.

I can remember when I first started dating him his X called me on the phone and for one solid hour told me how horrible of a man he was.  

"Oh sure," she said.  "He'll wine and dine you... and bring you flowers...  but that will fade.  Next year at this time you'll know the real Gary..."  

Of course, I chose to find out for myself.  That was ten years ago.  He still wines and dines me...  and here's the proof that he still brings me flowers.  She must have been talking about somebody else.


He was searching for the perfect flowers...

Right in front of the living room window is a rose bush.  Here he was trying to get a rose to add to the collection of flowers. 

 Remember, he can't see me.

Oh Gary, You are so dear!

The last of our wildflowers.  Sniff, sniff.

My hubby is the greatest.

But he's not feeling so well.  

And Gracie's worried.


  1. An old friend of mine has crohn's and she has had surgeries and the whole game. Wish there really was something...

    He picked the prettiest flowers for you! That was real loving.


  2. Oh sorry bout the disease. Yes, he is a real nice guy to bring you flowers!! Hope he can find some relief soon.


  3. Oh, I am so sorry to hear about the Crohn's Disease, I've known of several people with it. I have I.B.S., but this is even worse. Picking flowers for his love even when he is sick, a truly wonderful and romantic thing to do. These pictures would be unbelievable to some people, you are very blessed.

  4. what beautiful flowers and what a sweet gesture from your husband! sorry about his Crohn's disease. Clueless about suggestions; what does his doctor say?


  5. The doctor says his insides are "a mess" and he has him on different medications. The problem is, once he goes off the steroid that he takes, the swelling gets worse and blockage starts once again... and since steroids are only meant to be taken for a short period of time, it means he suffers most of the time. He's so afraid that he's going to have an emergency once again and have to have more of his intestine removed. There is so little he can eat without getting sick right now, that he's lost the desire to eat much of anything. Stress makes it worse, and he is under a lot of that... I'm trying to talk him into taking homeopathy products, a friend of mine suggested it... we'll see. Thank you all for your concern... I've found some really great friends here. I appreciate you and your kind words.

  6. a gluten free diet works for a friend who has IBS....maybe? give it a try .....
    Beautiful flowers.....

  7. That is so sweet, he's such a great husband. I loved reading your post. I don't know much about the disease (going to wikipedia after this) but I do hope he feels better. It's wonderful that you appreciate his acts of love for you. Love is a beautiful thing and life is too short to not welcome love into our lives.

    I'm having a giveaway and I don't want you to miss out. Come by when you get a chance, it ends Tuesday.

    Hope you're having a great weekend.

  8. Now that's a 'keeper'! The flowers are lovely.
    Don't know much about Crohn's but I know our Naturopath could probably help him. Have you tried any alternative approaches? Not saying to quit with the 'medical' approach, but take a look around for someone who has a good track record using an alternative approach. Nothing to lose and maybe a lot to gain. Good luck.



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