Thursday, March 17, 2011

If You Had You're Life To Do Over

 "If you had your life to do over again, 
is there anything you'd change?"

Cloud pics were taken about 9 yrs ago on my drive out to Indiana

A lot of people would respond to that question by saying they would not change a thing...  because their past is what made them who they are today.

Good answer, though it's not the one I'd pick for me.  I like who I am.  But I think I could be better and I could have made more of a positive impact on those around me, had I made better choices and done things differently.  

But yesterday is gone.  Now, I am working on today.  


I Got Mail.  It's what I've been waiting for.  
Now I can move on with...  I'm sorry. 
 (You know I'd tell you if I could)  

So, what do you think...  if you had your life to do over again would you do anything differently? 

Dear Diary,
I can't find..  a place for my bone...

that is safe...  

where she won't find it...

I dig and I dig and then I bury it under pillows and under blankets but she still finds it.  Then I look for a better place to hide it.

I dig frantically on Daddy's chair and she screams, "Gracie! No!" 

 When I finally get it hid exactly where I want it, I decide to un-bury it and eat it.  Mom says I am smart as a whip have issues. Gracie.


  1. There are so many things I would change if I had a chance. Moments when I could have been a little sweeter, a little kinder, a little more thoughtful of those around me.

    Some stupid choices would be made differently this time and become wise choices instead.

    I am not one of those people who say I wouldn't change a thing, and I have often wondered how anyone can truthfully mean that when they say it.

  2. I would change a million things!

  3. I would only change one thing....And that in turn would change everything else!!

  4. Gracie,
    I'm a fantastic jumper. If I were there, I'd be happy to take your bone up to the top of a cabinet for safe keeping.

    I wish I had paid more attention in Mr. Hamlet's Eng. Lit class. Yes, Hamlet was his real last name. LOL
    Madi and Mom

  5. If I had it to do all over? I would not have married the men I did, I would have gone to college, and been a scientist or an archeologist. I never would have smoked and I would travel the world. Way different from what I did, right?

    Gracie, just eat it, there will be more, I know it!

  6. Gracie - I hope you finally enjoyed that bone!

    I wish I had made better choices in the early adult years.

  7. I would have done more volunteer work, both with animal and senior citizens. And, of course, I would never, ever have smoked.

    Samson has something for Gracie on our blog. I think he has a crush on her.--Inger

  8. There are many things I would change because now I have the wisdom and the faith. Not sure if I have the courage. I hope so! One thing I wouldn't change is my hubby and kids. And my dog Kelly of course!

  9. Gracie - - You remind me of the commercial for Traveler's Insurance - - - where the song 'Trouble' is playing while the dog goes everywhere trying to find a safe place for his bone - - even to the bank.
    If I could change one thing, it would be to be more disciplined - - - especially in my spiritual life and with exercising.

  10. Hi Gracie (and Bobbi). I've been meaning to get over to your place for a while now. 'Bout time! Came over from Canyon Girl's today to say hello and happy biscuit hiding!

  11. I am getting more and more curious about your big news!!!!! Well, there are definately things I would change if I could do life over. The places where I messed up. I don't think many of those have made me who I am!!! o.k. yesterday I guessed early retirement or a new job. I think a new job or working part time. Maybe you are moving?? No, I don't think so or you would be able to tell us? Plus I don't think you want or need to move?

  12. I would try and change the bad things and improve on the good things.

    Gracie I bet you have bones hid all over the place. You plan for the future. :o)

  13. Goodness, there are lots of things I would do differently... I would have prayed more and worried less.... told certain people I loved them more, and definitely would have shut my mouth in certain situations and just listened instead...

    But, as you said... we can't go back, and, like you, I am excited about the future....

    Wow, you really made me think today!

    and Gracie, you are a very smart girl! I wish I could give you a hug!

    Texas hugs,

  14. Why would I change anything? I is PERFECT cuz I is Puddles! Hang on my mum wants to blab nows...sheeeez!
    Hello Bobbi!
    I think we all have been asked this question many times in our lives and the response everyone wants to hear is "nothing". It may be true that our past shapes and molds us into the people we are today but, there are so many things I would go back and do differently...I won't lie. But on the most part I do believe some of our past makes us who we are. Yea, I am blabbing now...LOL.
    Okays, it's me Puddles again...I knew hers would say a bunch of long winded nonsense. Now Gracie, why go to all dat truble in hidin dat bone...just eat it to begins with.

    Happy St. Paddy's Day to ya'll!


  15. Gracie has issues? No Way! She's to cute to have issues :-)

    What would I change? I would trust God sooner than I did.


  16. Of course there are things I would change...I wish I could go back an undo and redo them, but I can't so I live with the regrets...Regrets that Gracie may have of not enjoying the bone now before she hides it and forgets where it is! :-))

  17. Anything that could possibly interfere with me meeting my husband, I would not change. I wouldn't chance us not meeting! There are a few things that I would like to go back and change that wouldn't effect us though such as..... spending more time with my Grandparents, the horrible attitude that I had in my 20s, some of the bridges that I burned. Oh and I would have NEVER dated my ex-fiance!

    The whole bone thing is funny! It reminds me of that cute Travelers commercial where the poor dog is so worried about his bone...LOL!

  18. OK I am getting anxious to hear the news, lol... Gracie has bones everywhere..... I would never of smoked. I would have taken more chances in life.

  19. I wouldn't change a thing.......except to learn from the things of the past and move ahead with that knowledge. I'll wait for the my 'next life' and see how things will turn out on this one.

  20. Tease....that's all you are...maybe you could work on that in your next life...wink wink! Gracie...just eat it!

  21. I would trust God more and not be so anxious if I had to do it all over again.


  22. I would agree with that Corgi. I also wouldn't sweat the small stuff.I am glad to have found your blog and I am owned by three dogs


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