Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Major Life Change

Let the countdown begin!!  

I'm thinking early June.  

I'll bet you want to know what happens in early June?

  Sorry.  The time is not right yet.  And just remember...  It might not work out. 

 But then again, it could be a major life change for me.  

It's a leap of faith for sure.  If it is meant to be it will be.  No worries.  

If God is in it, it won't fail.  If He's not in it... then still, I'll have learned something.  

Oh.  Forget I said anything.

  Just...  Carry on...  

I am very busy now ....   

I hope everyone is having a great Tuesday.

Dear Diary, 

'Smile'  'oh, that one's not very good'  'Smile again'  "You're an idiot lady a little over the edge, don't cha think?"  'just one more...'  'gracie, don't look away,' 'now I have to take another one...'

 This is what I go through daily.  

Is it any wonder I have a wild look in my eyes?  Is it any wonder...? Gracie


  1. Gracie is adorable!... I am thinking maybe you are retiring in June? That would be wonderful for you!... xoxo Julie Marie

  2. First thought - baby, then you said June and you showed a open sign and I thought - store of your own, then you showed a car? alright come on now, you're gonna open an auto dealership?

    Guess I will just have to wait and see.......

  3. Oh you are a tease! Full time RVing? Bigger and Better job? Sheesh! Guess we gotta wait, darn!

  4. Sharon? A baby?? Surely you were thinking Grand baby. You made me laugh hard though when you said car dealership. I happen to be in the office right now, so I was taking random pictures and they may or may not mean a thing. LOL.

  5. I know!!!!! I think.......time will tell. How exciting ,if I am correct. You will enjoy it.

  6. Forget you SAID anything??? As IF!! What's in the jar, cotton balls, after dinner mints? Are the pictures clues? One thing I'm thinking of is early retirement, that would all make sense. But you are still pretty young...oh, maybe a new job? Or working part time? My head is spinning.

  7. Talk about leaving us on the edge of our seats!!! Cute photos of Gracie. Have a good night.

  8. Now we all can't wait to hear the news in June.

  9. OMD my head hurts nows from thinking so much...make it stop! Uh, yea...I'm going withs a car dealership too...Pintos probably...or them cute Gremlin cars.

    Gracie, gets use to it. I has one of them kerazy mums too, hers is always snap snappin' aways. And besides, we likes to see you in piktures.


  10. But Gracie, Your mama only wants to show you off to all her blog friends.

  11. Ok Bobbi, I was thinking baby too, like Sharon :) I am thinking a store where you have neat things you like?? Can't wait to hear.

  12. You're making us wait until June?!

  13. Because I'm an author, I'm thinking you wrote a book! Good luck whatever it is!

  14. Boy Bobbi,
    How can we forget you said anything? Now I'll be wondering every day; geesch...
    Okay, you are going to open your own business?
    Geez Louise, do give us more...

  15. Girl... you have me on the edge of my seat...you stinker! LOL! We have to wait til June??

    Whatever it is, I hope it's wonderful and exciting for y'all!

    I love Gracie's "wild" look... Jazz gets those and we say he is going "dingo". he will rush around like crazy and then just suddenly stop... it's so funny...

    Texas Hugs,

  16. HELLO BOBBI AND GRACIE!! To start, THANKS again for sending a friend request on FB, and thank-you for the kind thoughts on the loss of our boy Tanner.

    I've enjoyed catching up on your news that I've missed in the last week because of vacation etc., and can't wait to see what your surprise will be--I admire you for keeping it under wraps for now--I'm terrible at keeping secrets! :-)))

  17. Morning Gracie and Bobbi,
    Our lives about to change alos. Mom is RETIRING on March 31, 2011, after 25 years of employment at the #1 University, N. C. State University. I expect my days of napping all day in the sun are about to cease. You see Mom is always up to something so I'll have to stay awake to be sure I don't miss anything.
    Madi and Mom

  18. Gracie will tell me on FB...just between us gals!

  19. ok Bobbi are you really going to keep us in the dark til June??? You minx you!!!

  20. June 1 is an awfully long time away! Just sayin'! That's a whole lot of suspense!


  21. Ok Bobbi, for us impatient people (me!), I don't know how I can wait until June! This will be torture just so ya know!

  22. what a cliffhanger!! wish you the best with whatever is planned. just need to keep praying and trusting in God indeed!



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